A Local Feast Foodie Box (5-8 ppl)

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Celebrate the taste of Southwestern Ontario’s finest with this gift basket suitable for 5-8 people.

Sold By: Forest City Market


Celebrate the taste of Southwestern Ontario’s finest! (5-8 ppl)


This basket includes:

HodgePodge Cheese (50g)

Our wild aged Tomme will combine several milks and have a layer of peppercorns in the centre, lending a citrusy flavor to an already interesting cheese.

Providence Cheese (50g)

It’s Tangy, creamy, young and delicious. Providence cuts and melts beautifully and is perfect for all your sandwich-filling, grilled cheese-melting, or party-planning needs. It’s bright, creamy, and quite literally gets better ever single day.

Amos (Cow Tomme) Cheese (50g)

The Monforte Tomme De Savoie is a wild aged cheese with a washed curd, making it softer than some of our others Tommes. Its paste is golden and tangy. Normally aged for six months, it’s an easy addition to any cheese board.

From MonForte Dairy (Stratford)


1 Honey Glazed Cornbread Loaf (10″)

Our honey glazed cornbread is sweet and rich.

from Lost in the Maize (London)


Saucisson Sec (200g)

A modern twist in a French classic. Our saucisson sec is a fermented small format salami that we’ve added a small dash of Carolina reaper powder. More than just a hint of heat but fades quickly.

Capocollo Cotto (100g)

Cured and cooked Italian style “neck” ham. The perfect balance between lean and fat meat! Rubbing in a hot Calabrian chili paste while curing for a little zip and a lot of tang.

Jalapeno Bacon (1lb)

Fermented Jalapeno makes a perfect addition to our bacon cure to add a spicy and funky kick! This cure takes our sweet and slaty country bacon to the next level.

from Salt & Swine (London)


Peppers & Peaches Hot Sauce (200ml)

This limited run sauce has help from Niagara peaches and gets its legs from a blend of red and yellow habaneros. We use a signature spice blend that will blow your guests away at the next dinner party.

Peppers & Pickles Hot Sauce (200ml)

Jalapenos and tomatillos are combined with a special brine we created just to knock your sock off. While being on the mild side of our arsenal we guarantee it will blow you away with flavour. Sour, tangy, and spicy all in one bite, your burgers will thank us and beg for another dab.

Mango Chutney

from The Hot Sauce Co. (London)


Alderwood Seasoning (60g)

The Best Bagel Seasoning (60g)

Everything you love on a bagel right at your fingertips!  This salt-free seasoning is flavoured with garlic and onion and is delicious on the classic bagel, homemade bread, breakfast, and will add a bit of pizzazz to your veggies and even salads!

Gluten-Free, Vegan, Salt-free

from Pepper Tree Spice Co (Port Stanley)


Cranberry Jam (500ml)

from Grace Restaurant (London)


This gift basket is perfect for 5-8 people.



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